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Whether you need some extra cash or have a car that you're not using and are ready to sell, it's vital to know the best way to sell. Fortunately, how to sell an old car that needs work is simple when you know the process.

Why Sell Your Car

Keep in mind that the benefits of selling your old car for cash go beyond getting money. For one, the vehicle will no longer take up space outside or in your garage. Secondly, you can have funds to put toward another car or truck. And finally, when you sell your vehicle, you'll no longer be compelled to continuously invest money in the automobile, which could save you money in the future.

How to Sell an Old Car That Runs

Ideally, your first step should be to get the car in the best condition you possibly can if the car still runs.

Cleaning the Vehicle

Take the time to clean the car on the inside and the outside. Make sure you remove any possessions as well as trash from the car. Wipe down all hard surfaces with a cleaner especially for a car's interior. If you don't have any special cleaner, you could make your own using vinegar, dish soap, mineral oil, and water. If you don't want to take it that far, wipe the interior's hard surface with a damp rag. Run the vacuum on all carpeted surfaces. On the other hand, if it has leather seats, make a solution of water and dish soap. Dampen a rag with it, and be sure to ring out the rag thoroughly.

Your next step is to clean the outside. To make life simple, you can merely take the vehicle to the car wash rather than washing it by hand.

Make Any Small Repairs

If you want to boost your earning potential, it helps to make any necessary small repairs to the vehicle. You can increase the value when whoever buys it needs to do as little work as possible.

What to Do With a Car That Needs Work

Reap all the benefits of selling your old car for cash by knowing what the process is for selling a car that needs work. The process for selling this type of car is slightly different.

Firstly, how to sell an old car that needs work begins with knowing you won't receive as much for the vehicle, particularly if the car doesn't run. In some cases, you may only be receiving the money to have the car scrapped since it won't be salvageable.

Next, you should know exactly what's wrong with the vehicle. If it's minor repairs, you could increase how much you get by doing it yourself or hiring someone to do it. However, if the vehicle needs significant fixes to run properly, it's in your best interest to sell the automobile as is rather than invest time and money into the car.

What You Need to Sell the Car

Besides knowing how to sell an old car that needs work and the benefits of selling your old car for cash, you should know exactly what you need to sell the automobile.

You must bring your vehicle's registration with you. This allows the auto scraping center to verify that the car belongs to you and is legal to sell. Additionally, you should also bring your license, so the business can ensure you're the owner of the vehicle.


Both you and the other party want to profit from this transaction. As a general rule, you should be honest about anything wrong to the best of your knowledge because the car will be evaluated thoroughly.

Selling your vehicle for cash can give you money to buy another automobile or to use for another purpose. However, you want to take the time to get the most out of your vehicle.

Are you interested in selling your old car? Contact Blue Sky Auto Scrap Metal, serving Queensland, Australia, and the general vicinity, today. We're available by calling 07 3379 3401. You may also use our online form to get a quote.

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