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There comes a time when that old vehicle sitting in your driveway no longer offers you value. But that doesn't mean you can't get value out of it.

Maybe your car needs the type of repairs that cost more than it is worth. Perhaps it is too old or damaged to offer for sale to someone else. It could be that the vehicle's body is damaged beyond repair because of a horrible accident, but its mechanical parts are still in decent shape.

When the vehicle doesn't run or is too badly damaged, you have several options. If your car was damaged in an accident and it was insured, you could accept whatever modest amount your insurance company offers. You could consider donating an inoperable or damaged vehicle to charity. You also have the choice of selling your vehicle to a scrap yard.

When it is time to call it quits on your car, truck or SUV, you should consider the benefits of selling a car to a scrap yard. Here are some of the advantages a scrap yard offers when it comes to getting the most out of that unusable vehicle.

A scrap yard is easy and efficient

If you tried selling your damaged or inoperable vehicle to a private party, it could take quite a while to find the right buyer willing to pay what you are asking. First, vehicles in such a state are not in high demand, so chances are you won't receive many offers or even one response very quickly to an advertisement. If you attempt to recoup money in an insurance claim for the unusable vehicle, that will likely involve a lot of complicated paperwork and can take quite a while to process the claim.

But it is easy to learn how to sell a car to a scrap yard. In most cases, all that is required is to contact them by phone, describe the car, truck or SUV and its condition, secure your title to the vehicle and they can make you an offer to buy it. Many scrap yards will even come to the location of the damaged or inoperable vehicle, pay you at that time and tow the vehicle back to its location. In many cases, the entire deal can be completed within a day or two. That's one of the benefits of selling a car to a scrap yard.

A scrap yard is easy and hassle-free

One thing you must understand is, when you call a scrap yard about a vehicle you have available for them, they know it must be in bad shape. A scrap yard is not going to be picky about the condition of your car, truck or SUV. They are in the business of salvaging vehicles. They know how to make the most out of all of the available parts and components. That is how they make money, selling those parts and components. A scrap yard will not expect the vehicle to run, or complain about the damage, or try to decrease the sale price because of needed repairs. A scrap yard offers an easy and hassle-free sale that benefits you and secures a scrap vehicle with parts and components they can sell to benefit them. That's another of the benefits of selling a car to a scrap yard.

Put money in your pocket

Only you (and maybe your neighbor) knows how long that damaged vehicle has been sitting in your driveway. Despite your best intentions to work on it, hire a mechanic to repair it or just get it running, that car, truck or SUV has sat there for quite a while with the threat of costing you big bucks. But there is a way to get value out of it, to make it more valuable to you. A key benefit of selling your vehicle to a scrap yard is that you get to put money in your pocket. A scrap yard will pick that vehicle up and pay you cash. That is worth a whole lot more than a damaged car taking up space in your driveway.

Contact a reliable scrap yard to take that wrecked or inoperable vehicle off your hands. There's good money in it for you.

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