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Automobiles probably provide the most durable metals for creating new goods. Cars, trucks, SUVS, hatchbacks and other vehicles of any make or model offer a viable production resource.

Your automobiles don’t even have to be working. Just call someone to tow them for you when you are ready to remove them from your property. Depending on location, you may also have access to other recycling programs, but Blue Sky Auto Scrap Metal usually handles vehicles. 

What is scrap metal recycling?

Automobiles do make up most of the scrap metal recycling industry. However, vehicles are not the only recycled metal source. You can dispose of defective car parts or engines instead of the entire vehicle, for instance.

Aluminum from soda cans also provides an excellent source of metal when recycled. Moreover, recycling centers might also take empty tin food cans or just about any metal you have in your possession.

Whether from a vehicle or some other item, scrap metal recycling involves extracting all steel, copper, aluminum, iron or other substances from a discarded object. Besides automobiles, other scraps often recycled include large and small appliances, electronic devices, furniture, or bicycles.

How To Recycle Scrap Metal

Before you attempt to turn in your metal, make sure you know the minimum amount required. For whole vehicles, this is usually not a problem. For any other scrap recycling, you need to review the centre’s guidelines for accepting metal.

For instance, not all places will take used food containers. Others might not deal with electronics. Confirm all this before attempting to schedule a meeting for pickup or prior to walking into a place. Incidentally, Blue Sky Auto Scrap Metal usually takes automobile-related items. 

Request a Quote 

Request a quote based on your make and model either by email, telephone or in person. Make sure you request that quote before vehicle pickup, so you know how much you will receive for it. 

Make an Appointment for Pickup

For a whole vehicle, you can contact a scrap metal yard and ask Blue Sky to come and retrieve it. If you do, you could receive as much as almost $9,000 cash for it depending upon its condition.

Remove Items From It You Want to Keep

Before you discard your vehicle, make sure you remove all your possessions from it. If you have car speakers or radio in it that you want to keep, for instance, make sure you strip those from the vehicle before you dispose of it.

Present Proof of Identity

Make sure you provide the title, registration and your driver’s license upon recycling your vehicle. This will prove that you own the vehicle and prevent theft. If you lost any of this information, you will want to seek a replacement of this documentation. Follow through on this before you make your appointment to have the vehicle towed off your land.

How Scrap Metal Is Used After Recycling

Recycling offers many benefits to the environment. The most important probably is helping Australia reach its zero-emissions goals. You can help reduce carbon footprints just by turning your vehicle into scrap metal.

You can also earn money from recycling. Furthermore, goods processors can lower their production costs when fabricating with used metals.

Examples of Uses

After recycling, manufacturers turn the metals into a new piece of merchandise. It might not end up the same as it was previously. For instance, copper taken out of computer motherboards could end up in jewelry. Maybe it will end up as a new cookware collection or utensils and tools. You never know.

Use of Auto Scrap Metal

Auto scrap metal offers the most benefit to makers of future products. You can turn these materials into almost any item that requires durability. Transportation companies even make railroad tracks out of it, or perhaps they will build outbuildings and cabinet hardware.

Household fixtures, furniture, lamps, tables, sinks and more also sometimes contain recycled auto metal. In addition, auto scrap metal could make strong parts for aviation use and for creating new automobile parts.

Industrial sites also can make use of metals for shelves, machines, tools and fans, or HVAC equipment. The possibilities seem almost endless with recycling scrap metal, so make sure you give it a chance.

Request a Quote

Blue Sky Metal Auto Scrap Metal primarily deals with automobile scrap metal recycling. Go here and enter your name, telephone number, make and model of vehicle and other information.

You also can call us at (07) 3379 3401 or 0432 748 944 or 0432 762 977. If you live near Blue Sky Auto Scrap Metal, we also welcome you to come visit us in person. 

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