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Recycling metals such as copper can save significant amounts of energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It also saves land for other uses, reduces pollution, and conserves natural resources.

How recycled metals are used

About 80% of the copper ever mined is still in use today, and much of this would otherwise have been lost as waste. The recycling of metals is an energy-efficient alternative to extracting new metal from ore. Recycling copper can save up to 95 percent in energy compared to the extraction of primary copper.

Recycling aluminum saves up to 95 percent of the energy used when making new aluminum. Recovered plastic bottles are recycled into useful items such as textiles or road surfacing materials.

Recycling steel and iron saves energy, conserves natural resources, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Recycled zinc can be used in the production of new zinc products without any loss in quality or properties.

Make Extra Cash

Whether you're scrapping or you're recycling metal at home, you can earn a good amount when you are recycling metals. You can actually get cash for recycling.

Recycling aluminum cans can earn you a good amount, depending on the spot price. Copper is also paid out depending on the spot price.

Things to Keep in Mind when Recycling Metals: Safety Precautions and Best Practices

Basic safety precautions should be followed when recycling metals at home or in the plant. For example, gloves and safety glasses should always be worn when cutting metal to avoid injury. Dust masks are recommended for homes where lead paint is present during dry recycling operations. Contact your local council regarding what you can recycle and how to do it safely.

A few simple best practices can increase recycling efficiency, profitability, and worker safety. Keep your workplace clean to avoid injury and machine damage. Use the appropriate tools for the job to ensure that metal is cut thoroughly, the grade is separated properly and contamination does not occur.

Economic benefits of recycling metals

While proper handling of recyclable metals will protect both workers and equipment, it also helps to increase profits and improve the environment. If you are selling, deliver as soon as possible to take advantage of higher prices. Doing larger amounts of metals and already piecing them out depending on the type of metal you have can impact your earnings. Larger orders and presorting them will earn you more, but you can also drop off orders without parting them out in some cases.

Ferrous Vs Non-Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals are the most commonly recycled metals. Ferrous metals contain iron or other alloys of iron and contain a great amount of recoverable scrap from construction, demolition, electrical appliances, cars etc.

Nonferrous metals include aluminum, copper, brass etc. Mostly found in electronic items such as computer hardware, telephone wiring etc., recycling these metals helps conserve our natural resources. Also, it reduces the greenhouse gases emitted while extracting new metal from ore.

Recycling Process of Metals

The recycling process for ferrous metals is de-manufacturing or breaking down an item into its individual components to be reprocessed into a new product. Then, it's up to the manufacturer how recycled metals are used. The energy expended in this process is insignificant compared to the energy required in mining and refining new metal from ore. The non-ferrous recycling process includes chemical processes such as smelting which separates valuable alloys from waste material. This process is much more efficient compared to extracting valuable metals from ore.

Recycling Metals for Profits – A Green Way of Earning

Recycling metals is a great way to make some extra cash while doing something good for the environment. If you are scrapping or you want to sell your recycled metal, then you can get paid depending on the spot price. Not only does recycling save natural resources and energy but also conserves land for other uses. 

It is not uncommon to see householders with recycling bins, weekly taking their old metal items to be recycled. Making some small changes in our lifestyles can make a huge difference in the long run. Recycling metals for making extra cash makes great economic sense too, and giving families spare change is another way how recycled metals are used.

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