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Old is gold. This saying is true even for old beater cars. Sometimes you can get attached to your vehicle that you don't want to give up, no matter how old it is. But eventually, you'll have to let go of it. Suppose you find yourself searching for "Scrap Your Car Near Me" or "what should I do with my old car?" on the internet. You're in the right place.

Research shows around 280 million automobiles were on the road in the United States in 2019. The ratio of scrapped vehicles as a percentage of total cars on the road was 5.1 percent.

There are different options to get rid of your car. But, which one is right for you? Here are the top five ways to make money from your old beater car.

Sell It as Individual Parts

If you have a dead car in your compound and you know that some of its components are good, why not sell the parts? Did you know that selling automotive parts rather than the entire vehicle might earn you more money? However, this depends on the state of the components.

You'll make good money if they're in good shape. The main downside is that it may take longer to sell the pieces than to sell the entire car. It's good to invest in extensive research into the selling process. You'll also need to know which parts to sell and their worth. This is something you can do with the help of an experienced mechanic.

Sell the Remaining Components as Scrap Metal

You can sell the rest of the components as scrap metal. This is because you won't be able to sell all of them to the people who will buy the main automotive parts. Although the scrap metal will not give you much money as the main components, at least you'll get rid of some junk from your home.

Also, you'll promote a clean environment, since the metals are then recycled to usable metal again. 

Spruce It up to Make Extra Dollars

Some people love buying old cars. So, if your vehicle is still in good working condition, you should stop looking for "Scrap Your Car Near Me." Instead, think of how you'll pimp your ride to make extra dollars.

With the guidance of a seasoned mechanic, you can do some painting. Also, refresh the headlights if need be and change the seat covers. However, please don't go overboard when working on its new appearance. The important thing is ensuring that the car is presentable and in a condition to pass the safety inspection.

Trade-in for a New One

If you're thinking of getting another car but have limited cash, you can trade-in your old one. Look for a dealership near you and let them give you the information you need before deciding.

Trade-in can be a tricky business because you may end up low-balled. The dealership may take advantage of your situation, especially if you seem desperate to get rid of your beater. They will offer you as little money as possible for them to make a profit when reselling the car.

On the other hand, trading in your old car for a new one has some advantages:

  • It's quick and easy
  • Clears your garage for the new car
  • You don't have to do repairs before trading it, unlike in private selling
  • Saves on sales tax

Scrap the Car as a Whole or Parts

Selling your old beater as a scrap car is not easy, but you have to do it anyway if it no longer serves you. It is a process, especially if you're looking to get the most money out of the deal.

So now it's a good time to pop the "Scrap Your Car Near Me" text on your Google. Don't just accept the first offer that you are given. Ask different salvage yards for quotes and see what they offer.

There are good scrap yards that offer free towing. They will offer cash and work on your deal within a few minutes. You can also scrap your car in parts, but this will need more research since you'll need to know the value of each component.

Get Instant Cash with Blue Sky Auto Scrap Metal

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Our goal is to make your process for promoting a clean and safe environment easy. We offer instant cash for any type of car, dead or running. We also tow your vehicle for free and provide you with unmatched professional services.

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